Decluttering your home- How to get started.


A space saving, energy boosting and mind clearing guide to decluttering your home.

Clutter isn’t something that happens over night. It often starts simply with being short on time and not filing away those papers, or maybe buying some new clothes, but having no hanging space left, it could even be that you have a young family and your feeling too sentimental to take outgrown toys and clothes to the charity shop.

Clutter can become a problem if it spirals out of control, hoarding can become a fire hazard and leave you feeling like you are constantly surrounded by mess. It also has the potential to bring down your mood and trigger mental health problems.

If it’s time for you to begin decluttering, but you need a helping hand, here is our guide to get you in the right frame of mind.

5 essential steps to take when decluttering your home 

  1. Make a plan
    Set yourself clear goals, this will help keep you focused. If you have certain areas of your house which attract clutter more than others, tackling these areas first will make the biggest difference to your home.

    If you feel overwhelmed by the amount you need to tackle, break your list into bite-sized chunks. You could set aside some time per room each weekend or for an hour an evening to work through it systematically.
  2. Create a system
    If you struggle to declutter, make it simpler by categorising your items as you go. We find the 5 box method the best. The idea is to label the boxes to help you sort your items efficiently and save you time procrastinating. Our favourite categories for this are: Rubbish, Recycle, Put Away, Donate, Fix.
  3. Give yourself a goal
    Think about why you need to declutter your home – do you need to clear the spare room for guests coming? Maybe you’d like to make some money for a family day out? Perhaps you have changed jobs and need to begin working from home and need an office space? Or are you thinking of downsizing? Whatever your reason – if you have a clear goal, it can help make decluttering seem more enjoyable even if you find it difficult to do.
  4. Invest in some storage containers
    If you have lots of items or garments floating around your home that are not currently being used -seasonal items, or baby clothes which are outgrown, but need to be kept,  you need to find a place to store them safely out of sight. Stackable storage containers or baskets for keeping things neat can be a useful investment.
  5. If cupboard space is tight
    You might need to get creative with storage solutions. Consider adding additional hooks, or perhaps a shoe rack. You could even consider building bespoke cupboards in awkward unusable corners of your house to add storage to your home. If everything has a place to belong, you are far more likely to put it away. 

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