Covid 19: How to keep your home clean, 8 cleaning tips


As we come to the start of another three weeks in lockdown, families are still trying to get used to juggling home working and schooling, as well as all the normal household tasks. It all feels quite overwhelming and stressful, and trying to keep your home super clean and organised is the last thing on your mind. 

But, as research shows that coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to three days it’s more important than ever to keep our homes safe.

Not to worry though – the team at Perfect have put together some top tips which can be done really easily to give your house the best scrub down.

8 tips to keep your home clean during Covid 19

#1 Remember to clean first, disinfect later

Cleaning refers to the removal of germs from surfaces. Disinfecting refers to the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. Both can lower the risk of infection spread, but you should clean first, disinfect after. To disinfect a surface, cover it with your chosen product so that it remains visibly wet for four minutes and then let it dry.

Another option is to disinfect hard surfaces by wiping or mopping with a solution of ½ cup of bleach per gallon of water. Allow the solution to be in contact with the surface for at least five minutes then rinse and air dry (check the label as this may differ product to product).  Also, don’t  forget to be careful of your floors properties – take some time to research what is best online as bleach can react with some adhesives.

#2 Perfect your technique

Use microfibre cloths and have one for each space in your home. This is the best way to prevent cross contamination and give each area the best clean.

It’s also important to clean from high to low and move your cloth up and then back down –  don’t circulate your motion or you’re just blending in the dirt and debris you’re picking up.

#3 Use household cleaners and disinfectants on frequently touched surfaces

We should be cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces on a regular basis.   Focus on tabletops, counters, door knobs and handles, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and bedside tables – using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

Clean all surfaces with detergent or soap and water and then disinfect them.

For disinfecting, you can use alcohol solutions that contain at least 70% alcohol, household disinfectants or diluted household bleach solutions. You can also make your own bleach solution by mixing 5 tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water.


#4 Wear gloves and make sure you have good ventilation while you clean

Wear disposable gloves and throw them out after you’re done using them.

If you’re using reusable gloves, don’t use them for other purposes, and clean your hands immediately after the gloves are removed. Peel the gloves away from your body, pulling them inside out, and try not to let the outside of the glove touch your skin.

#5 Wash dirty laundry on the warmest setting possible

Try not to shake dirty laundry as that can spread viruses through the air. Use the warmest appropriate water setting for washing the items and let them dry completely afterward

If you’re not using gloves when washing dirty laundry, make sure to wash your hands afterwards. Also, consider washing the laundry bag that holds your clothes, as that surface can also collect germs and viruses.

#6 Keep your home well aired

Move stale air out and fresh air in by opening the windows every day. You don’t have to leave them open all day, just long enough to freshen the room. It’s amazing what a difference this can make, especially on a lovely sunny day and can help to eliminate any odours in the home.

#7 Wipe down your technology

Did you know that the average mobile phone has more germs on it than a toilet seat? 

That’s because our hands are on it almost constantly and the oils left by our hands can help bacteria thrive. Make it a habit to wipe down all your tech – including mobile phones and keyboards – on a daily basis, and avoid lending it to others during this period, because viruses can be spread if a sick person coughs or sneezes while using it.

To clean, turn off your device, lightly dampen a microfibre cloth with soap and water, and wipe the screen & device. 


#8 Keep outdoor clothing separate

Particularly important If you are high risk, or are feeling exposed to Covid 19

Create a quarantine room or area of your house for all external clothing. Shoes come off before you step inside your house and all outdoor clothing items — coats, jackets, shoes, etc — stay in that room or area unless they are going back outside with you or you are washing them.

Summary: How to keep your home healthy during the covid-19 outbreak

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the above information, try breaking it down into bite size chunks and spread the tasks throughout the week. Staying on top of it can help keep infection at bay, and should a family member start to suffer from Covid 19, you have a higher chance of containing it, and getting rid of any bacteria on exposed surfaces afterwards. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe 

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