Can I afford a cleaner? A mums perspective

Can I afford a cleaner

Are you sick of living in a dirty house?

What I mean is, does it seem like you spend hours every day trying to keep up with laundry, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor etc. But, every morning you stand in the shower and notice the shampoo residue that never gets cleaned, or the marks on the floor that never gets mopped. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day no matter how hard you try to keep up with it all.

As a mum we tend to take these things to heart, beating ourselves up and feeling like we are failing. I mean we are trying our best but it just never seems enough.

The idea of hiring a cleaner, circles around your head from time to time. However, for some reason it feels like cheating.  As if being a mum we are supposed to be able to juggle all these tasks, even if it means we end up in a crumpled mess at the end of a day.

When is it time to say enough is enough?

What is holding you back from making life easier, by hiring a cleaner?

  1. Judgement
    Do you worry about the thoughts and sideways glances from neighbours and friends; or is it the feeling of being thought of as a failure by other family members?

    As mums, we are particularly bad at wanting to present a pristine version of ourselves; fearing whispers behind our backs. The thought of even asking for help around the house makes us feel low and if someone proposes getting a cleaner we get defensive and attack those who are trying to help.

    The reality is most families argue over housekeeping issues; it causes lots of stress in relationships, with heated conversations occurring frequently.

    Should we not then care more about making family and ourselves happy than worrying about what everyone else thinks?

  2. Money
    It all comes down to how much we value our time.   As people in our 30s and 40s we find it difficult to overcome the DIY mindset where we can save a few pennies by doing the task ourselves. However, what we always overlook is how much it costs us in time and sacrifices; time with our children, time at the gym, or even just guilt free time to unwind.

    As working parents, we need to be thinking about if the time we are using to make money, is worth more than what we are spending.  I mean if you are grinding yourself into the ground at work and then coming home to chores in order to earn more money, but find yourself becoming miserable in the long term, perhaps it is time to delegate some tasks?

    A domestic cleaner will typically cost anywhere between £12 & £20 per hour depending on their experience and whether cleaning products are provided.  Have you worked out what how your salary stacks up against it?

    By sitting down and looking at your monthly budget there may be easy sacrifices you could make in order to hire a cleaner; such as reducing the number of take-aways or meals out. With more time on your hands and a clean kitchen you might be more inclined to cook on a Friday night!

  3. Will I actually save any time?
    I mean if I am going to have to tidy for the cleaner coming round is it actually worth it?

    When paying for a cleaner you pay for the length of time they are in your home; the clearer your surfaces are, the more time they will be able to focus on cleaning.

    It will probably surprise you but the routine of keeping on top of clutter on a weekly basis will actually reduce stress levels and make your home a far more organised place to live. Think about how much time you currently lose running round looking for lost items!

    Cleaners are also professionally trained and experienced, meaning that they will get round the household chores far more efficiently than you would.  In addition, you can list out specific areas that you want focused on, such as a deep clean of the fridge or your internal windows. These are all jobs that you would struggle to find time for, but a cleaner can budget them into their monthly schedule.

  4. Worrying about what the cleaner thinks of the house and you.

    Initially you may feel a bit uncomfortable about inviting someone into your home to help you clean.You may be worrying that they think you are pretentious. However, take a step back from the emotions and consider it more as a business transaction. Hiring a cleaner provides you with a service that you need, and they as the cleaner gets a paid income to support their own family.

    The cleaners I know take huge pride in the jobs that they do, and get satisfaction knowing that they are making someone else’s lives easier. The best thing to do is to make them feel comfortable in your home, and treat them with respect.

Taking the next step.

Hiring a cleaner should be an easy step, however it often takes a lot of courage to wave the white flag and ask for help.

It may have involved months or even years of heartache and frustration at trying to stay on top of all the household chores. All while still chasing after the kids, working a job, catching up with friends and squeezing in exercise.

We need to learn to give ourselves as break, and remember that we are only human, with only so many hours in the day. We can try and act like superwoman, but one day something is going to break, if that something is you the whole family jigsaw is going to fall apart.

Are you ready to take back control and stop feeling guilty? Is your happiness worth the cost of hiring a cleaner?

What are your thoughts?

What is holding you back from taking some respite from the daily onslaught of household chores?

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