COVID Protocol

The COVID 19 pandemic has put cleanliness into sharp focus and at Perfect, in addition to our normal cleaning checklists we have adopted a new COVID protocol in order to keep our staff and customers safe.

If any of our staff at Perfect were to contract COVID19, it would be a further devastating blow to our business.

The cleaning process has been broken down into 5 steps, which we have also shared below so you can see the strict protocol our staff are to follow:


  • Clean

Prepare for Safe Cleaning

  1. We request that all beds that have been used be stripped by guests prior to leaving and that the dirty bed linen and towels are placed into laundry bags or strong refuse sacks or bin liners for us to collect and launder.

  2. Ensure that all the necessary cleaning materials, tools and equipment are brought with you and unloaded into a safe, accessible place
  3. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds and don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  4. Open doors and windows to increase air circulation and ventilate rooms

Clean Thoroughly

  1. Securely bag and remove rubbish from premises

  2. Collect and place into company vehicle laundry hamper bags or strong refuse sacks containing used bed linen and towels.

  3. Collect all dishes from the premises and wash all dishes in kitchen (even unused) and empty dishwasher

  4. Dust the room and sweep or vacuum floor

  5. Clean all hard surfaces with suitable detergent and water

  6. Clean any stains on soft surfaces and soft furnishings

  7. Change gloves regularly and especially between rooms

Sanitise with Disinfectant

Spray all hard surfaces with disinfectant solution and allow to air dry

Check with your “Perfect Customer Checklist”

  1. Make sure that all cleaning tasks for each room have been completed and signed off accordingly by your co-worker

  2. Check that all commonly touched places are sanitised (light switches, door knobs etc.)
Note and maintenance issues or missing items and report to management

Reconfigure Bedrooms and Bathrooms

  1. Throw away disposable cleaning supplies
  2. Clean and sanitise supplies and equipment and return to van

  3. Empty and sanitise vacuum cleaner

  4. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds and don new PPE

  5. Remake all beds with clean bed linen and set out clean towels for each guest

  6. Visual check to evaluate and monitor the work done by your co-worker

  7. Lay out small stock of cleaning supplies (sanitiser, disposable gloves, disinfectant spray, paper towels) for guests to use

Summary & Contact Details

We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and hope that the situation normalises again soon. Until then we will continue to provide our first class service as always, helping to put your mind at ease.

Kind regards,

Bill Bowles

Telephone: 01241 858 668